We make awesome apps for you, particularly we created Thor, Shu and Anubis.

Magic File Viewer - Shu

File Viewer

  • Common pictures, sketch, psd, ps/eps, ai, lottie, svga, flif, avif, pdg, xd, cdr, tgs
  • Office documents, audio, video
  • Preview binary data with hex viewer
  • Html, xml, json, plist with syntax highlighted preview
  • mhtml file preview & resoures extracting
  • Ebooks: chm, epub, mobi, djvu, azw, azw3, azw4, ipynb…
  • Font file preview
  • Certificate file preview

File extract

  • Compression file extract (password supported): zip, rar, 7z, tgz, tar, bz, tbz, gz, xz, txz, xar/xip, lz4, tlz, cpio, cpgz…
  • Disk image: iso, udf, nrg, cab, wim, dmg, vhd, vmdk, qcow, uefif…
  • File system image: ntfs, fat, mbr, gpt, hfs, sfs
  • Package: deb, rpm, crx, xpi, ar, PE file, ELF file, com file
  • E-book, office documents, pdf, sketch
  • Extract frames from tiff, icns, gif, apng, webp
  • Extract audio from video file

File convert

  • jpg, png, webp, gif, tiff convert to each other
  • video > gif/webp/apng
  • tgs > gif/webp/apng
  • ps/eps/pictures > pdf
  • ipynb/markdown > html / pdf
  • xml, json, plist, yaml convert to each other
  • Certificate format conversion (der, pem, p12, base64)
  • Export text file with different string encoding: UTF-8, UTF-16…
  • Export office documents, text files, e-book, html files as pdf with print size settings

File Manage

  • File app supported
  • Grouping files according to their types
  • Search files in global
  • Sort files in several types
  • Export files as zip
  • iTunes sharing folder
  • Wi-Fi sharing in LAN
  • File sharing through Hotspot
  • File sharing through USB
  • WebDAV server

HTTP Download (Audio/video can’t download)

  • Request headers supported with Shu URL
  • Batch request download
  • Resume download

Thor HTTP Sniffer/Capture


  • Capture websocket from browser
  • Debug requests with Breakpoint in Filter
  • Unlimited HTTP body size capture
  • Filter records by flexible rules (eg. block hosts)
  • HTTP body auto decoding to preview
  • Sniffed records export and import as .p4thor, .har
  • Even iOS9 was supported with high performance

Flexible filter rules:

  • filter records by domains, keywords, methods, protocols
  • group records by file types, urls, methods, protocols
  • keywords search
  • filter export and import (.f4thor)

Compression file extract (password supported):

  • zip, rar, 7z, tgz, tar, bz, tbz, gz, lz4
  • extracting files in other Apps by opened in Thor

Excellent performance:

  • thousands of records logged without pressure
  • keeping Thor active all day without any side effect

HTTP(S) sniffer:

  • sniff and debug HTTP traffic on other devices in same LAN
  • decrypting https traffic in real-time
  • HTTP pipelining
  • websocket traffic captured
  • network traffics won’t be interrupted while sniffing
  • HTTP archive (.har) export and import
  • .har file can be standardized by importing to Thor and then exporting a new one
  • .p4thor export and import
  • record status updated in real-time
  • clear records while sniffing
  • log latest records on widget in notification center
  • split screen on iPad
  • add bookmark or memo for every record

File preview:

  • all kinds of files in other App can be previewed by opened in Thor
  • certificate preview and format convert (der, pem, p12)
  • font preview with sample text

TCP and UDP traffic will not be sniffed.

Anubis - API Debug & Inspect

Anubis is for HTTP request debugging and inspecting. You can use it to debug/edit your API and understand HTTP request.


  • Editing request in raw and struct mode
  • Support multipart/form-data or raw file
  • URL, har, p4thor exporting & importing (editing)
  • Requests replay with policy: delay, repeat, pipelining, etc
  • Pick files from Photos, File App, Resources to construct a request


  • Encoding/Cryptology tools
  • HTTPS cetificate inspector
  • RegEx validator
  • String encoding & converting
  • IND encoding (punny code)
  • Date formatter
  • JSMin
  • br, gzip, deflate extracting
  • HTTP chunked body extracting


  • Network state
  • Network interfaces
  • Hardware state in real-time