Anubis Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Anubis.

All data generated in Anubis were stored in app local only, no data will be uploaded to remote server. (Even Anubis doesn’t have a remote server or something like that, it’s totally a local developer tool.).

Anubis will not record or upload any user behavior statistics.

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What personal information we collect or access

  • Your app receipt: Anubis may request an app purchased receipt validation, it request App Store to verify the legal purchase state of your app to avoid a pirated app or jailbreak device.

  • Since Anubis is a local developer tool, you can view, delete or share request records as you need. Data will not be uploaded anywhere, it’s just stored in app local under your full control.

  • Anubis will ask you for album accesssing, when you read data from album to build a request.

  • Anubis will ask you for Local Network accessing, when you build APIs with destination of Local Network.

  • Anubis will detect once the pasteboard to match a regular input or prompt you automatically, when you begin editing input in some pages of App.

  • Anubis will write data to pasteboard when you share/open data to other Apps with the pasteboard option.

  • Anubis will read data from pasteboard when other Apps open Anubis with data passed in pasteboard.

Anubis may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. When we change the policy in a material way, a notice will be posted in app along with the updated Privacy Policy.