Guide for Shu

File Managing

File Grouping

Auto Group” files by types into build-in Folders.


  • Swipe a file item / ContextMenu > More > Auto Group

  • Open a folder > Edit > Auto Group

File extracting

  • Compression file extract (password supported): zip, rar, 7z, tgz, tar, bz, tbz, gz, xz, txz, xar/xip, lz4, tlz, cpio, cpgz…

  • Disk image: iso, udf, nrg, cab, wim, dmg, vhd, vmdk, qcow, uefif…
  • File system: ntfs, fat, mbr, gpt, hfs, sfs
  • Package: deb, rpm, crx, xpi, ar, PE file, ELF file, com file
  • E-book, office documents, pdf, sketch
  • Extract frames from tiff, icns, gif, apng, webp, bpg

File converting

  • Export Live Photo as zip: preview Live Photo in Shu > edit menu > Export as zip
  • Live Photo > gif, video
  • video > gif/webp/apng/Live Photo
  • jpg, png, webp, gif, tiff convert to each other
  • video conversion between mp4, mov, m4v, 3gp
  • audio conversion between m4a, wav, mp3, caf, flac
  • tgs > gif/webp/apng
  • Export text file with different string encoding: GBK, UTF-8, UTF-16…
  • Certificate format conversion (der, pem, p12, base64)
  • ipynb/markdown > html
  • djvu > jpg
  • xml, json, plist, yaml convert to each other
  • ps/eps > pdf

File Sharing

Mac/PC/other Device <-> Shu

  • iTunes File Sharing: better performance for huge files. Go to: Mac/PC > iTunes > Your iOS device > File Sharing > Apps > Shu

  • Wi-Fi File Sharing: convenient sharing between devices in the same LAN.

  • Hotspot File Sharing: convenient sharing between devices in the same hotspot network.

  • USB File Sharing: convenient sharing between iOS devices and macOS through USB cable.

  • Files in Shu -> Sharing: Select files in Shu “File” > Add to “Shared Folder”

Notice: Files in “Shared Folder” can be shared with iTunes.

Shu <-> Other Apps

  • Files in Other Apps -> Shu: Find export/share entry in other Apps > "Open in Shu" or "Copy to Shu"

  • Photos -> Shu: Select pictures in Photos > Open in Shu > then you can export all pictures as a zip file

  • “File” app -> Shu: drag files in “File” app to Shu directory.

  • Shu -> Other Apps: Select files > export raw file/export as zip file > choose an app to share.

  • Share with iTunes or Wi-Fi, if you want to export huge files.*

HTTP downloading

  • Detect download links in pasteboard automatically.

  • Copy links in other apps > then launch Shu

  • Export links in other apps > Open in Shu

  • Custom request headers

Notice: Audio/Video can not download.