Thor Debug & Analyze Tips

Sniffer tips

  • Turn off local proxy to ignore local device traffic, when you sniff other device.

  • Use a session filter to ignore non-target traffic and improve sniffer performance.

  • Use a packet filter to query target records only.

Develop & Debug tips

  • Set HTTP proxy with Thor proxy address like localhost:8423 in your source code to debug traffic.

  • Set a keyword field in HTTP Head to identify requests, then filter this keyword with Session Filter in Thor.

Teamwork & Data sharing

  • Export .f4thor of session filter: Session Filter created by you can be shared to others who have Thor installed.

  • Export .p4thor of HTTP records: .p4thor files can be shared and imported with Thor.

  • Export .har of HTTP records: HTTP Archive File

    • View .har: preview it with HarViewer in browser plugins, or a web HarViewer.

    • Work with .har: amounts of services and scripts use .har files as their input.

  • .p4thor -> .har: import .p4thor with Thor, then export it as .har.

  • .har standardized: .har file can be standardized by importing to Thor, then exporting a new one.